My First Anniversary

My First IFC Anniversary

Firstly I can’t belive that 1 year has gone so fast in this wonderful community. Although 1 year isn’t much the days will continue growing day by day.

So it all started on the 25th of August 2019. When i joined i had very little expirence and knowlige about avation and flying. As of today i really think that the most my knowlige comes from the beutiful people on this forum.

I want to thank all the great people that have helped me over this time, especially @RoyalJordanian for traning me to becoming an IFATC, @Juan_Oosthuizen for my radar trainings and
all the other people from IFATC. And @Tyler_Shelton (Sorry for tag) For making ATC schedules and helping me out in the IFATC slack.

Thanks to all the staff for providing exelent servie here at IFC and the devs for the updates. As i have played Infinite Flight for 3 years I can really see many improvments form then to now.

All the pilots over at @norwegianairvirtual and @BritishAirwaysVA are strait up AMAZING, It have been a plesure to been in the VA’s for over 6 months now. You guys are hard working and never stop with the continues suport and fun.

Overall my Expirence here has been GREAT here and i hope that it will continue over the comming years!


Happy anniversary! Here’s to another year, or more!


Thanks Altaria!

I will hopefully be here for many more years to come!


Happy Anniversary!!!

Happy to hear from a fellow Norwegian!

@MJP_27 Thanks so much!

@Jens_Severin Thank you!

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I like what you did with your DOB when signing up. You set your DOB as the day you made this! orrrrr its your birthday. (happy birthday and anniversery.) if thats the case


Congrats on one year

@PilotChrisSG just my anniversery ;) Thanks

@BritishAirways001 Thank you!


Happy Anniversary !

Thank you!

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happy anniversary! great job on being in the community for 1 year, I personally havent been here for too long, continue to learn and improve in this wonderful place!

Thank you so much @StormyAviation!

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Congratulations Buddy!! @Elefanths
I hope we fly together some day… 😊

Thanks MAFiA!

Hope that too :)

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happy (19 hour late) anniversary!

Hope to have you as many years as possible cheers😄🥂🎉

@Itsumi haha thanks!

@Kevinsoto1502 thanks hope that too :)



Thank you!

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