My first anniversary flight! NZAA-NFFN-NZAA

Hey IFC!

Welcome to my first S&V topic in like, forever! This is a special topic because this is the flight I decided to fly to commemorate my first anniversary on this awesome community! I thought long and hard about what route I would fly, and I eventually decided to fly Air New Zealand’s 787-9 from Auckland to Nadi, Fiji and back. This is one of ANZs special cargo flights that they operate to the pacific island for basic freight. I hope you enjoy!

Flight Information

Route: Auckland (NZAA) 🇳🇿 - Nadi (NFFN) 🇫🇯 - Auckland (NZAA) 🇳🇿
FT: 2:30 (to), 2:35 (from)
Aircraft: Air New Zealand Boeing 787-9
Server: Expert

Our bird for this flight sitting at Gate 08 at the International terminal

Rotating at 140kts with our full cargo payload of foods, medicine, mechanical parts and other general cargo

Cruising over a calm Pacific Ocean morning

The perspective of the cargo loader as we fly over the crystal clear waters of Fiji

Turning off the runway at Nadi Intl, preparing to offload our cargo

Cleaning up after takeoff with a new load of freight, this time headed back to New Zealand

787 to the moon! Tried a different kind of moonshot, I don’t think it looks too bad.

About to turn final at a hazy Auckland after a long journey

The perspective of a worker who is on site of the 23 runway repairs, read more about the runway repairs here It felt weird to be landing almost halfway down the runway lol

Parked at Gate 13, offloading all our precious cargo!

These shots are largely unedited, any feedback would be appreciated, thanks!

Now, some thanks are in order here. I won’t tag you all, or else I don’t think I would be very popular lol. Firstly, to all the guys from TUI Virtual, Manav (Manav_Suri), Jared (Planegeek), Leon (Leon_B), Arya (AyraTheLivingMeme), Dhruv (DhruvChopra), Josh (J2S), Vansh (vansh_prohit) and so many more, thank you all for the fun times, I remember all of the memories at TUI Virtual fondly :). Next up is Sasha (Sashaz55) for being an awesome CEO at Sounds Air Virtual, and for helping me in my first staff position in a VA. Other notable people that I met in VA’s are MJL_Productions at Fly Emirates Virtual (Now Dubai Virtual), Vince (Vince) at Cargolux Virtual, Kacey (Kasey) at vNZ, and many more. A special thanks to Leon (Ruky) who was willing to create a VA together, even if it didn’t quite pull together. Now onto the IFC, I pretty much want to thank all of you! You guys are what makes me want to come onto here every day and see what’s been happening in this awesome sim. Additionally, thanks to all of the regulars who dedicate their days to helping new and existing members find their way around. Thanks to all the mods on the IFC, you guys help keep the forum ticking and making this place fun! Cheers guys, and here’s to another great year on the IFC! 🍻


Congratulations!! And hope to fly together soon… ❤️❤️
By the way, nice photos 😍

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Great photos

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@Mafiaviation @Captain_74gear thanks guys!


Great stuff Noah! ❤️

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Thanks Manav :) ❤️

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Congratulations @Aero. Great shots btw :)

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Congrats! My anniversary was on the 4th, but I forgot to do a flight.

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@Raveesh @ButterMachine thanks! :)



Those are amazing photos!

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Cheers mate :)

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like the new perspective of a moonshot. nice!

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