My first and longest Long-Haul-Flight: KLAX-YSSY

Hello everyone, today I´m gonna share my best screenshots of my first long haul flight after buying a new device. It lasted 14hrs 26mins. Hope you all like it.

Flight Information:
Callsign: Qantas 7833 Heavy
Date and Time: From 2020-11-14T23:15:00Z to 2020-11-15T14:30:00Z APROX. Sydney local time when I arrived: 12:30 A.M.
Aircraft: Boeing 787-9
Flight Time: 14hrs 26mins.
Server: Expert
Depature Airport: Los Angeles Intl
Arrival Airport: Sydney Kingsford Smith Intl.

Qantas flight 7833 ready to go!!!

Me Taking off as the KLM 777 Holds short.

Blasting out from KLAX :)

GOODBYE LAX!!! :) I want a break from RWY 25R jeje

Gonna Sleep, Good night.

13H30MINS Later…

Woke up. Still night. Preparing my descent.

Short final. 3 planes in depature line and another holding short.

Another view of my short final (me is plane flying) Nice to meet you “personally” Air New Zeland :)

Welcome to Sydney!!!

Now parked at the gate as another Qantas A380 Pushes Back. Hope you had a nice flight French Boy :)

Which picture is you favourite?
  • Qantas ready to go
  • KLM Holding short
  • Blasting out of LAX
  • Wing view: Good Bye LAX
  • Gonna sleep.
  • The 2nd wing view: Woke up
  • Final APP From zoomed cockpit
  • Air New Zeland close up
  • Touchdown
  • Parked at the gate with the A380

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Hope you guys like it. See you in the virtual skies. And remember: DON´T USE LAX RWY 25R ;)


Do I have permission to use this as my wallpaper?

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Yes you have. :)

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Lets Avoid @Copyright issues lol

Great shots there

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By the way theres a spelling error its Sydney

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I absolutely love the pictures, but the night ones are a little hard to see.

Your description though was excellent, I was able to picture what was happening!

Good job, keep up the pics!

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Thanks all and thanks @Cameron_M for letting me know:)