My final flight With my friend

Hello guys huge shoutout to @Aviatorwyatt for the throwing the awesome Seattle event! So here are some shots while I did a flight with my friend @Faizaan_Ahmad I miss u buddy! 😭😭😭 ever since your subscription ended! I miss doing flights with u! He was the only person that would want to fly any route with me! Especially my favorite routes of all time! I miss him so much! Here are the shots I’m so sorry I’m crying! 😔😞😭

Spacing to DFW!

My view to his plane!

Tower view!

My plane from Tower View!

Final Taxi Together! 😭

I’m just too emotional!

Our final runway crossing! 😭😭😭😭

Final Parking next to each other! 😭

I can’t do it anymore 😭😭😭😭

Thanks I hope you enjoyed the shots it was an awesome ride with @Faizaan_Ahmad miss u buddy hope to see you soon man!


Woah now, this was intense


I know I’m sorry it’s just sad!

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All good things must come to an end…. until he buys a new sub ;)

Lovely shots!


Thank you so much!

Friendships are tested in bad times. It’s not as much how baguettes your friend bought for Laura - those 10 dollars could be found at a curb if he’s lucky - it’s about how he supports you with his abilities. Looking at this, I’m sure he’ll be watching you from liveflight outside your house at 3 am, so don’t be sad that it’s over, be happy that you’ve changed the locks on your front door.


True thx so much!

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That’s a big rip. Same thing happened to me actually. But I fly with other people.

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cool i fly with@aviatorwyatt

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This seems so sad ! I hope your doing okay i’m always free if u need to message ! I would enjoy doing a flight with you some day !

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Cool i will man!

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Dude! I just saw this! This made me so sad but so happy that someone cared about me! I miss flying with you! It was really fun :) !


Same here miss you man! until the next flight!

Hey mate!

Just message me and im up for a flight anytime you want!

Thanks, Rye