My Final Flight In The Super Decathlon

1) All of these photos are from my Super Decathlon group flight. We had 6 people join.

2) Flight was on expert from about 2200Z-2300Z 2019-06-12T22:00:00Z2019-06-12T23:00:00Z Flight was from KAJO to KAVX. We did not do a flight plan because there were some mountains that would be cool to fly over. Plane was the Super Decathlon.

3) Photos

Every one is parked here at KAJO.

I am taking off while all the other aircrafts are holding short. I did not drift off the runway when taking off lol. The Super Decathlon is hard to fly.

I am the plane farthest to the left. This is a view of everyone who attended.

Here is a shot with 3 of the 6 people who attended.

Flying over the hills by KAJO

Over the pacific.

Landing the plane. I didn’t bounce or fall off the runway surprisingly in this aircraft. @Trio almost clipped my wing lol.

Landed safely at KAVX.
Thank you for reading this and thank you everyone who attended my group flight. @Trio @KaiM @Ignas04 @Patrick305 @Mr-plane-guy1 @John19 @Capt_Ced @Infiniteflightusa and I joined.


Great tribute to this iconic little plane 🌷


Yea. Like I said in the title this is my last flight a will ever do in the Super Decathlon

It’s great to see around the forum some appreciation to the Super Decathlon. Looked like a cool flight!

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Yea. I’m super sad to see that plane go. I flew it all the time. At least 50 hours on it! Hopefully the X Cub is worth it


Rip Super Decathlon!

Just saying, go on solo with the Super D and set wind gusts and velocity to maximum and turbulence to extreme. It’s so funny. Then try taking off and landing.


I tried it and it did not end well 😂

R.I.P. The super decathlon.


I’ll try right now

I love Super Decathlon, but there is no cockpit camera, I mean interior, so, I’m looking forward to “XCub” update, to try this group flights!
Even so, quite amazing this recompilation! Cheers…!

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When does the Cub come out?

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Well, we don’t know yet, but you can follow the development through this topic/blog:


Cool pics and hope you had a good flight!

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Goodbye Super Decathlon, we’re going to miss you!

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Definitely going to miss that plane… 😥

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Yea. It was a good plane

The Super Decathlon was a great plane. It will be missed. 😭



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A 4pm did your decathlon turn into Xcub?

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Who needs STOL when you can use VTOL.

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Why is it hard to fly? It looks like a Cessna plane but with taildragger and can do tricks so it should be pretty easy.

Disclaimer: I didn’t have Super Decathlon on infinite flight and have no experience flying it.

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