My final flight (for 2021 or longer)

Hi guys.Finally,I have landed at Manila after a flight from LAX.This is my last flight for 2021.My pro subscription will end soon.I just got the final approach and parking at Manila.Enjoy.

  • Aircraft and livery : Boeing 777-300ER (Philippines Airlines livery)
  • Route : Los Angeles to Manila
  • Flight time : 14 hours 30 minutes
  • Server : Expert Server
  • Callsign : Philippines 9889 Heavy

Picture approaching Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport


My 900000 XP for the first time.

Thanks for watching my picture.I will continue my studies back a day after tomorrow.Thank you to all of you guys to make such a great event for me and @PocketRishi thanks for attending my first event (Although my flight crashed).See you again.I will continue see the progress of the app for great update and I will plan my second event after I come back.

👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻 my first event.

👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻 my favorite flight with @PocketRishi after the LAX to EWR event.I’m waiting your new video about it.


Seems like a nice flight and good luck on your future endeavours

Thanks mate, I also enjoyed that event a lot! Look forward to flying again with you once your studies are over and your Pro sub is back!