My Final Departure

(This may be just a lil bit heavy, bc this place means so much to me)

Good Evening/wherever you are,
Well, all good things have to come to a end. Over the past couple of months, probably almost a year now, I have dutifully to this community, ready to spread my posivity and love to others as a Christian, doing as my Lord did for me. Well, I feel as He is calling me now to make my exit. I feel this community has been a huge blessing for me, along with the game. One was a game which let me and will continue to let me do what I love to do(aviation), and another which is a amazing community filled with amazing people. Everyone who sees this, do not ever let this community lose its spark. I felt it as soon as I joined with a simple “welcome to the community” from everyone I encountered. This place is special and do not let it fall to the standards of the world. Keep the politics out and keep the togetherness and love in! Moderators, do yo thang and keep this place in check. Community members, do yo thang and keep this place kicking. Yall will only keep growing, and keep those traditions of welcoming the newbies and helping them learn the ropes(and the controls :).
Never lose hope for the future, and always learn from the past and the mistakes of others. As I make my final departure out of this beautiful airport and resting place to come to and join with others in my love for aviation, I have no regrets. I feel as I am being called to more in real life, so hence, I am having my account deactivated.
I truly love every one of you guys on here, so keep the love flowing, the hearts beating, and the engines turning. I will not be able to make another account, so as strange as it sounds to say this, I hope every one of you guys has a amazing life and encounters the love of Christ!
Yall were once strangers, and now friends. Maybe one day, I will meet one of you guys in the cockpit of a plane we are piloting, and will be able to remember how much we cherish this community
Well this hurts to say, but it has to be done…

Farewell everyone. Stay strong.
Blessings and Love,
JP Hagood


It is really sad to see a fellow pilot to leave. You have witnessed the wonder of this community and the simulator. May you have a fine final departure and have a good one in your real life! God bless you! ❤

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I’m wishing the best for you man! Enjoy your final departure my friend!


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Thank you everyone. Best of luck with everything 🍀🍀🍀


Thank you for being with the IFC for this long! Clear skies and good luck with whatever’s next!

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Safe departure and landing! Wish you well in the future, god bless!

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Wow man. This was the first time I see something like this on the IFC. I remember my first time on the community page; I had no idea it even existed until 2019. I’ve met lots of people from all walks of life. There is no doubt that this IFC has given us all a happy and welcoming feeling. I wish you the best of luck in your life, wherever it may take you. May God continue to guide you and give you his blessings. And wherever you may end up, I hope that you would have done something good with it. God bless you.

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