My Final American Airlines MD-80 Flight Part 1: Dallas/Fort Worth To Amarillo | September 3 & 4

As many of you know already, American Airlines retired the last of its MD-80 fleet today, on September 4th, 2019, in the morning.

I got the chance to experience the aircraft one last time for its final revenue service between Dallas/Fort Worth and Amarillo.

I’ve made a compilation video of the overall flight featuring takeoff/landing and special announcements.

Additionally, I was able to get some pretty solid shots of the aircraft.

Amarillo Airport Staff Waving Upon Arrival

Key Points of The Flight:

  • Shortly after boarding, the captain comes on to announce it’ll be his last flight on the MD-80 and the aircraft will be sent to Roswell the next day.
  • The takeoff was interesting… I don’t think I’ve experienced a takeoff so steep before, even on past MD-80 flights.
  • Short 45 minute flight into Amarillo, descended quickly.
  • The landing was timed perfectly so we arrived to see that amazing sunset.
  • Upon landing, we were greeted by a few of AMA’s airport staff when we exited the taxiway. I wasn’t really expecting anything special (water canon) from the airport… Surprisingly, they don’t even have a Twitter account.
  • Upon disembarking, we walked through Amarillo’s glass jetbridges (really cool, I believe ICT and SGF have these in the U.S.) and saw a professional photographer on the ramp.

Stay tuned for part two… Amarillo to Dallas/Fort Worth on N9628W’s final revenue flight.

Here are the uncut full takeoff/landing videos if you’re interested.


That’s awesome! You’re one of the lucky few who got to fly it in its last days!

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So sad to see American’s Mad Dogs go, they were so iconic… 😞

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The Mad Dog actually made me cry earlier ngl. I don’t want to live in a world where I won’t ever see a AA MD


You can still see them, at Roswell 🙁

Unfortunately, I’ve never flown a Mad Dog, but AA used to operate a flight to IAD with it (@Airbus_737 please confirm this)


Glad you got to experience the mad dog one last time. I still have clear memories when many of these operated DFW-LGA ORD-LGA back in the late 2000s/early 2010s.

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Apparently AA is intending on keeping three… not for revenue flights I believe… not confirmed though, just read it somewhere. Will need to check up on it.

Interestingly, N501AA (oldest MD-80 and the last Legacy AA MD-80) flew to Tulsa rather than ROW… Not sure what they’re doing.

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Also, it looks like AA used to fly the MD-80 to IAD. There’s a few videos of it on YouTube.

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Idk if they did that.

I’ve been on one myself (right by the engines though), and it was very nice to fly on (except that the engines blocked my window view 😡)

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If anyone’s interested, the full trip report of this flight is now up:

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