My Favourites Yet + GA

It’s that time again. Been too long. But unfortunately sun is hard to come by in Ireland on top of the fact we’re in a lockdown with a 5km travel restriction. So technically I broke the law today but shhhhhhhh. Wasn’t in contact with anyone so we gucci. Woke up at 8am this morning and considering I normally wake at about 1pm I was considerably dying inside. But boy was it worth it. I tried out a new spot and it worked wonders.


Canon 500D
55-250mm lens

Airport Operations Info

Departing Runways: 28L
Arriving Runways: 28L

1 // You may have seen the article on Simple Flying, but on the off chance you haven’t, Air Belgium has recently revealed the livery for their new A330 freighters. Rolled out of the paint shop just days ago here at Dublin it was sitting proudly in the middle of the airport for the world to see. While it is quite plain and boring I actually really like it due to the mask around the cockpit windows. (OO-CMA A330-200F)

2 // An Etihad 787-9 (A6-BNC) touching down from Abu Dhabi.

And below are some shots from the new spot. It’s definitely my new favourite spot! I still have one more place to try in a graveyard lol.

3 // SE-RON an SAS A320neo on short final. I could have used a shot without the shrubbery but I thought it might add a little to the picture.

4 // Now this one I am so so happy with. It’s got to be in my top 5 favourites. EI-DVH seconds from touchdown.

5 // A similar shot with EI-LRC this time + a beacon shot.

6 // EI-DEO in the #GreenSpirit livery from Charles De Paul.

7 // Another booty shot but with a girthy plane A6-EPF an Emirates 77W in the Green Expo 2020 livery.

8 // Looking up at a shiny (ish) EI-GXG Ryanair 737-800. Still waiting for those MAX’s.

As promised here’s some GA from my local GA airport and flight school:

9 // EI-DGX is an old C152 with which I have a love hate relationship. It was the aircraft in which I did my first ever landing in but the aircraft likes to break… A lot… Doors opening at 3,000ft, radios failing etc the list goes on. I’ve had the full flying experience with this bird lol.

10 // EI-BMN another C152 operated by the National Flight Centre. I actually flew this aircraft on Sunday last week!

11 // Mods plz don’t murder me for this it’s only this once I promise lol. Last up we have EI-BUN a Beechcraft 76 “Duchess” again operated by the NFC.

That’s it. Hope you enjoyed. Was definitely a fun day for me. Let me know which was your favourite and how you think I could improve below!


Sick shots!

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Great shots!

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Thanks guys!

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Brilliant shots Ryan!! Will have to try that spotting location myself. That is if I get down to DUB within the next year 😂😂

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Oh my god this is hilarious 😂

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Very nice shots man

Most likely the best shot I have seen from you

Oh my that livery is just 💩💩


Amazing shots as always @Ryan_Gibb

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This looks like it was designed in Microsoft Word…

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Love that Etihad shot! Nice work!

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Thanks lmao

Hehe 😈

Sound bro 👌🏻



Thanks! Me too

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That’s the plane my dad got his multi engine rating on!


Great shots, Ryan. 😎

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Great shots! Love the Etihad 787 one. BEAUTIFUL

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Sharp, on point pictures and I love the view of the runway lighting.

Great spotting of various and interesting aircraft, and also I never knew you had spend a lot of time flying the GA Aircrafts around Weston! Nice topic like always, would love to see more pics of the Cessnas, maybe the pics of the cockpit if this would ever happen anytime soon. 👍

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Sound bro ❤️

Thanks 🙏

Thanks Kuba 😊

Roger that 😉

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Damn that’s cool! Hopefully one day I can do the same. A long ways away tho lol

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