My favourite pictures on my phone pt.2

This is the second topic of a series where I post my favourite pics from my phone gallery.
Feedback is appreciated and don’t be afraid to tell me if I need to improve on something😁.
Pictures were taken on an old iPhone SE and there are not that many pictures from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport (EFHK).

First, we have an AA Astrojet that I flew from Seattle to Chicago in 2019.

Second one is a picture of a Mitsubishi M90 with my family in front. I covered the faces for privacy. This was the aircraft that my dad was test flying in Moses Lake, WA.

Third, we have an AA B788 that I flew from Chicago to London in 2020.

Fourth one is a Norwegian B738 coming into EFHK. This is one of the few pics I’ve taken of a Norwegian jet although we see them quite often.

Next is my only pic of a Wideroe aircraft. This is a Dash 8-400.

Then we have probably my best picture of an Iberia plane. It is an used A321.

Seventh is definitely my best pic of a Qatar plane. This is a B788 which is the aircraft that they operate most of the time to Helsinki.

Next is a beautiful sunset picture of my ride from Lappeenranta (EFLP) down to Bergamo (LIME). This is a Ryanair B738.

Second to last is a wing view from the Ryanair MAX-8 that would take me back to Lappeenranta.

Last one is a picture from the domestic terminal in Melbourne featuring a Q-link Dash 8-300, a Virgin Australia B738 and a Jetstar A320.

I hope you like them! I’ll probably create another one of these when I get enough pictures for it.

Here is the link to the first one:



Ryanair = butter machine

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The landings were quite nice!

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