My favourite pics on my phone pt.1

I was looking through my gallery and decided to create a topic for the favourite pics (imo) that I have. There are more than ten so I’ll post another one later on.
Feedback is appreciated. Let me know things I need to improve on.
Pictures are taken on a 1st generation iPhone SE. I’ve got a 3rd generation one now but I havn’t done spotting with it yet.
Every picture is taken at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport (EFHK) is Finland.

First one is my only spotting picture of an A220. This was taken in August 2019.

Second one is a Finnair A350 wearing the Marimekko special livery. This was taken in September 2020.

Third one is a picture of a JAL B789. This was taken on the same trip as the last one.

Fourth one is a Finnair A321 taken in November 2021.

Fifth is a Fokker F50 coming in From Joensuu (EFJO). This is one of the two pics I’ve tried to edit. The reason I like this is that the F50 is a rare aircraft to see. (I don’t really like the edit😅).

Sixth is a very rare visitor to EFHK. It is a Silkway B744. This is the only 747 I’ve ever taken a picture of.

Seventh is a Finnair A333. This was a cool sight because Finnair didn’t use the A330s for a while during COVID. This was taken in February so the snow makes the plane look clean.

Then we have a normal Finnair A350 taken right after the A330 above.

Second to last is another Marmekko A350 taken on the same trip as the one above.

Last one is an One World A350 taken also on the same trip.

I hope you like them! I’ll post more recent ones later on.



Great photos! I quite like the 747 one.

But I also really like the Finnair ones (partly biased as my one journey on Finnair was one of my best ever airline experiences…and my dad learned fluent Finnish when I was a kid).

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Thx for the feedback! I think my favourites from those are the last Finnair ones.

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Very elegant queen. Thanks for sharing 🙂


Beautiful phone pics, good quality ;)

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It’s impossible not to like the queen, isn’t it?

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Keep in mind, they were taken on an iPhone that I got at around 2015😅

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