My Favourite Kind of Wind

Does Kelowna have a Runway 37? That would be perfect…


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Hi! That airport only has runways 33/15, not 37 as that is physically impossible.

No. In fact it’s a single runway airport. It’s not hard to check the runways of the airport via the map.

Wait a minute, 370?! isn’t that impossible?

ok i guess my joke failed thats on me haha. Is wind 370@4 a normal thing?


Yeah I didn’t notice the joke aha. That sure is weird…

Hm I didn’t notice the 370 direction. Which isn’t possible. Could be a bug.

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Must be a glitch I was your controller haha. I’ll review the replay to see if I had the same thing.

Edit: I’m dumb forgot you can’t hear ATIS from our end on replay 😂

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The Wind 370 is a known issue that occurs rarely. Thanks for the report 😊