My favourite kind of flight choice in 10 replay screenshots




This is the best way of picking a route if you want variety and random spontaneous flying! Open Flightradar24 (or another plane tracking app) and zoom out as far possible, close your eyes, scroll around in all directions as far as you can without paying attention, scroll some more, put your finger on the screen, BING! The closest flight wins.


Today my finger landed directly TAAG Angola Airlines DT570, which departs the Angolan capital Luanda, bound for Cape Town. A quick check of Infinite Flight’s available aircraft and liveries and there it is - their Boeing 737-700.


Cruising at 40,000 feet, D2-TBG is our flying machine of choice today - a 16 year old 737-7 that’s been with the airline since new. Airspace was quiet and the journey was smooth. There were some quite strong easterly winds at times, but nothing this aircraft can’t handle.


I hope you enjoyed coming along for this random journey - give this method of picking a flight a try if you like and let me know how it goes!

Good times.

Departure: FNLU (Quatro de Fevereiro Airport, Luanda, Angola).
Arrival: FACT (Cape Town International Airport, Cape Town, South Africa).
Flight time: 3 hours 37 minutes.
Server: Expert.
Editing: Slight changes to contrast and light to bring out the best of what is available - nothing fake added or taken away.


Excellent photos as always! I might try this idea of “go into FR24 and randomly click on a flight


Lots of eyes closed far out scrolling as well first - makes it more random 😎

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