My Favourite easyJet Destinations!

Hello everyone! I’ve been at @easyJetVirtual for over 10 months now (joining on January 6th) with over 850 hours! Now I’ve flown to almost every single destination that the London Gatwick base offers! Even some other destinations that can only be flown to with easyJet Europe or Switzerland! So this topic will be about my top 10 favourite easyJet destinations to fly to and there will be some screenshots so you can see what destinations you may love to fly to!

#10 - Faro (LPFR)

Faro is a city located on the South coast of Portugal. It has a cool approach flying over the sea then touching down onto the runway which is right up against the sea. All three subsidiaries of easyJet operates here: easyJet UK (EZY), easyJet Europe (EJU) and easyJet Switzerland (EZS.)

#9 - Kalamata (LGKL)

Kalamata is a town on the Southern main land part of Greece - just to the Southwest of Athens. It has a stunning approach as it goes from the open sea to the land closing in further and further until touchdown. Only one subsidiary of easyJet operates here which is easyJet UK - only flying from London Gatwick.

#8 - Naples (LIRN)

Naples is a city in Italy just south of Rome. It has a cool approach flying over the hilly terrain with the Volcano Mount Vesuvius in the background. Naples is a base for easyJet Europe and all subsidiaries operate here.

#7 - Funchal

Funchal is located on the island of Madeira and is owned by Portugal. It has a difficult approach on the 05 side of the runway with a turn just before landing and it is a table-top runway. It usually is battered by gusty winds and is perfect for anyone who wants a bit of a challenge. easyJet Europe and easyJet UK operate here.

#6 - Marrakech

Marrakech is a famous city located in the in land of Morocco in Africa. It’s famous for having many interesting things to do and is surrounded by desert all around. This makes it a unique airport to fly into for easyJet as few are located in deserts! All subsidiaries operate here.

#5 - Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a small British overseas territory on a peninsular off the coast of Southern Spain. Most of it is covered by the Rock Of Gibraltar which is a small mountain like rock which has very cool monkeys living on it! The round the rock departure for 27 usually gives you a great view of it. The runway here is very short at under 6000ft due to the fact there isn’t much space for a runway. This also means the main road of Gibraltar has to cross it. Only easyJet UK operate here but serve a daily service.

#4 - Santorini
Santorini is a luxurious island located in the Aegean Sea in Greece. In my opinion, the 33 approach is more interesting with the cool hill stretching out over the sea just before touchdown. All subsidiaries operate here.

#3 - Turin
Turin is an Italian airport in the north west of Italy cornered by the Alps. It is pretty busy during the winter season due to its close distance to the ski slopes in the Alps. It has a cool approach where you fly pretty low over the alps then fly over the airport and into runway 36 which is the only runway that can be used for landing. On departure you have to circle round to avoid hitting the mountains too! easyJet Uk and Europe operate here.

#2 - Split
Split is a Town located on the coast of Croatia. It has amazing Balkan scenery on the approach of both runways and has a cool circle-to-land approach like some other airports on this list when using runway 23. All subsidiaries operate here.

#1 - Tivat (LYTV)

Tivat is located in Montenegro and is about 40miles from Dubrovnik which is across the border in Croatia and another one of my favourite easyJet destinations! You may be able to notice I absolutely love the Balkan region as I’ve featured a few Balkan airports now! Both runways into Tivat have a difficult approach. It’s more common you’ll get the 32 approach with a 20 degree turn just before landing but sometimes you’ll get the 14 approach - where you have to make a semi circle and line up with the runway to avoid the mountains. You start the circle about 45 seconds before landing then you have to line up with the runway about 10 to 15 seconds out. All easyJet subsidiaries operate here.

Thank you so much for visiting this topic and I hope some people have been inspired and would like to try flying into some of these airports! See ya next time!


Amazing post Sam, we’re glad to have such a loyal member like you on board!

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Yay I have been to one! The airport is pretty boring tbh (aside from the seashore arrival) but the cliff coasts of the Algarve are so stunning!

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I will definitely use this as a reference for when I fly as I just joined EasyJet Virtual!