My Favourite Aircraft!

I took my favourite plane from Vancouver to San Francisco! Caught the sunset too.

Flight Details

Aircraft - 757-200
Airline - Delta
Callsign - Delta 616
Route - CYVR - KSFO
Travel Time - 2hrs 15min


I love the 757. Easy butter machine and takeoffs always feel so smooth. Only issue is it has very sensitive rudder! Sorry to be the realism police but delta does not fly from YVR-SFO and they would definitely not fly 757s on that route if they did. Nice pics though!


I may have got my routes mixed up, I always do flights realistically so I think i’ve made a mistake! I would look at replays but i’m in a flight at the moment. Thank you though :)

Just giving you some tips! Also, the iphone swipe bar (idk if it’s actually called that) isn’t supposed to be in those photos.

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All edited now!

Yeah this is a different flight. I knew pic 2 looked like the LAX approach…

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Yeah, you could be right.

Not really everytime i tried to takeoff i’ve had problems

Nice pics! I love this beauty too!

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