My Favorite shots this year :)

Hey guys…Hope you are doing great…?!..Since we are about to close this year, I would love to show you all my favorite shots of 2020…!

I hope you enjoyed your Christmas holiday 😉…!

Low Pass over Heathrow Airport ✈️

Nothing Beats The beautiful African Views 😍

The A-10 go brrrtttt…!🔫😂

The Beautiful 757😏😎

And Another one😂

Well, I hope you enjoyed those shots…! Wishing you a Happy New Year 🎊🎆…!

*Peace Out

Which one was your Favorite.?
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All shots are great, but I don’t like the second one. It’s kinda squeezed because of the resolution

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Great to hear that mate…!
Will do better next time😉🙏

No problem! It’s a minor problem though, so nothing too bad just my opinion :)

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