My Favorite shots this week :-)

Wow…! It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted on the IFC…Today I’m back with another collection of my favorite photos of the week so far😏…Well i hope you enjoy them

Exploring Egypt 🇪🇬

Short Final At SFO with The United 777…Buttered that landing 😏😂

Gotta love them African Liveries 🙃

I didn’t have alot to post today🥲…But if you follow me on Instagram…I guess you have already seen these posts 😂

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Peace out ✌️


That’s some mighty fine editing you got there!

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Beautiful TAAG Angola Shot you got there!


very nice 🥰

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That United one is amazing! I love the runway color.

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You can find it on our VA page😉

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Thanks @misterATOMIC i am glad you love it🥰

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Thanks 😊🙏 @Kamryn

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Thanfor the compliment mate @dca.iad.aviation always happy to hear that🤍

Glad you liked the shots

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