My favorite pictures

This is my first time posting in #screenshots-and-videos, hope y’all enjoy.

Today I’ll be showing you my favorite screenshots, if there’s something to note about them do not hesitate, I’d be glad to receive som feedback :)

  1. Moments before touching down RWY 06
    Route: EKCH - EHAM
    Flight: SK2551
    Duration: 1:06

  1. Blasting off RWY 18L
    Route: EHAM - VHHX
    Flight: KL885
    Duration: 11:30

  1. Flying somewhere over the Sahara
    Route: SBGR - LSZH
    Flight: LX93
    Duration: 11:35

  1. Flying over the Amazon River
    Route: SAEZ - KMIA
    Flight: AA908
    Duration: 8:50

  1. Banking before touching down RWY 20L
    Route: SBBR - SBRJ
    Flight: LA3044
    Duration: 1:40

  1. Landing at RWY 25L
    Route: MMMX - MMGL - KLAX
    Flight: EK9936
    Duration: 3:45

Which picture did you like the most?
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Wow, these are some amazing photos! Amazing first post!


Wow great keep it up 🤩🤩 my favorite is 4 looks very good


These are amazing! Great job!

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That’s why is my profile picture haha

Thank you for the comments :)

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I had no idea we had the moon in IF! I’m going to have to find it now…

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Perhaps, this may be useful: Moonshot Tutorial
And welcome to the community as well! @mcgregni

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Wow thanks, I’ll check that out!

Amazing shots!

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