My Favorite Pictures this Week

Hello IFC today I want to show you my favorite pictures of this Week!
Date: 5-10.04.21
Route: N/A
Server: Solo

  1. Monday 5.04.21
    Over Doha

  1. Tuesday 6.04.21
    Mexico Scenery 🇲🇽

  1. Wednesday 7.04.21
    Africa Scenery

  1. Thursday 8.04.21
    Over the Swiss Alps

  1. Saturday 9.04.21
    Cuba Scenery 🇨🇺

I hope you enjoy the Pictures 😃


My favorite has got to be the tropics photos, since I just got home from Cancun Mexico

The LH shot over Africa is very very nice! You know what you have to do ;)

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Thank you 😊

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