My favorite pictures this week

Hey IFC! Here I show now all my Pictures of this Week I uploaded on Instagram! Have fun :)
Date: 22.03-27.03.21
Route: N/A
Server: Solo

Monday: Over Alaska

Tuesday Over the Shark bay Australia

Wednesday Over the Himalaya Mountains

Thursday Beautiful California Scenery!

Friday Mexico Scenery

Saturday Dash8 over the Bahamas

I hope you like the Pictures:)



The scenery in these photos are beautiful! Awesome work.


It’s so beautiful nice the mountains over Alaska!


Thank you so much🙌🏼

Yes it’s amazing love the Snow and the mountains so much in Alaska ❤️

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congrats! you’ve been featured on the official IF twitter!

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What’s up with the Thursday’s?

Was the Thursday’s Mr. Ger day?

I love these picture though!

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Those are some extremely beautiful pictures! 😍

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Thank you 🙌🏼🙌🏼✈️

Thanks a lot

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Thank you 😊

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You picture the first over Alaska were uploaded, post on the Social Media page, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter?

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Nice Pics!!! What flight is this?

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Yes indeed 😉

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It’s was a flight from Sacramento to Phoenix 👍🏻

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