My favorite pictures pt. 2

Hello! This is the second part of My favorite pictures! Today I will show you my new preferred ss.

As always, any comment or advice is welcome!

1. Taking off with this beautiful sunset reflection

Route: UUEE → KLAX
Flight Time: 12h19
Flight: SU106
Server: Expert

2. Descending into Tashkent over a sea of fog

Route: UAAA → UTTT
Flight Time: 1h18
Flight: HY762
Server: Expert

3. Cruising over somewhere in Bolivia

Route: SAEZ → KMIA
Flight Time: 8h50
Flight: AA908
Server: Expert

4. About to start descent to Charles de Gaulle with a stunning sunrise

Route: MMMX → LFPG
Flight Time: 10h09
Flight: AM3
Server: Expert

5. A bright moon hiding behind the mountains over the horizons, making the night pleasant

Route: KLAX → VHHH
Flight Time: 17h28
Flight: CX885
Server: Expert

6. Over the Grand Canyon

Route: KGCN → KGCN
Flight Time: 00h37
Server: Expert

7. A glance to an oasis in the north of Sudan!

Route: HSSS → HECA
Flight Time: 2h11
Flight: MS856
Server: Expert

8. A different perspective of a landing

Route: YSDU → YSSY
Flight Time: 00h47
Flight: QF2041
Server: Expert

9. Same flight as above, but with a time change. It has another personality this way

Your time to choose your favorite!
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Thanks for sharing the great pics. 👍