My Favorite Overnight

Flight Info
Departure Airport: Tokyo/Haneda International Airport (HND/RJTT)
Arrival Airport: Minneapolis/Saint Paul International Airport (MSP/KMSP)
Airline: Delta
Aircraft: A330-900neo @United403 summon
Flight Time: 10 hours, 37 minutes
Server: Expert

Tokyo to Minneapolis is one of my favorite overnights. The departure from Tokyo is always fun, and often quite busy, and it affords great views of Alaska and Canada, both the far Northern and Central regions.

At the gate in Tokyo, with @United403 doing Ground and Tower

The Bison King’s view of my departure from his perch in the control tower.

Banking just north of Narita. The departure procedures from HND are kind of odd

After an uneventful Pacific crossing, avoiding Russian airspace, cockpit views of the mountains of Alaska.

Somewhere over Canada

Captain’s view of the sunrise

Twilight over the Canada-Minnesota border

Beginning the arrival into Minneapolis

Minneapolis in sight!

The Butter Machine living up to it’s name

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@Mort summon

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Yes I know.

@deltaoutofdca summon

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It’s always works 🥰
I love my butter neo

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Yes I’m kind of strange.
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Also nice trip @Mort gotta fly the butter machine neo more

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Great pictures! I really love flying to Japan, it reminds me of Hawaii!

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