My favorite Infinite Flight Photos that I’ve taken

Photo #1: A flight from KMIA to KORD in the 757 (American Airlines Livery). This is one of my favorite flights because they are two major U.S Airports and have parallel runways. (I hope to get lucky with that one day :) )
Photo #2: A KLM Cityhopper flight from EHAM to EGLL at Sunset. It was a wonderful flight!

Photo #3: A JetBlue E190 Flight from KJFK to KBOS. This is a flight I love to do because it is short and has two major U.S Airports

Photo #4: This was an Air New Zealand flight I did a long time ago, and I do not remember where I took off or where I was flying, but it does not matter, because look at that scenery!

Photo #5: An Alaska Airlines 737-900 flight from KPDX to KSAN the day that 18.6 came out. This was my favorite IF moment of 2018 (18.6, not the flight).

Photo #6: This is my favorite photo, and is from Island Hopping in Hawaii. I love this photo because of the sky color. Hawaii has my favorite scenery in the app, and maybe the world for that matter.

Photo #7: This flight was on Southwest Classic from Boise (KBOI) to Portland (KPDX). This was just one of the photos I took while I was cruising. Just look out the “window” and tell me how you are not in love with aviation

Photo #8: The second day after 18.6 had been out I had used the 737-700 and 800 so much I needed a break, so I went to the 900 :)

Photo #9: A WestJet flight from San Francisco to Toronto. I did a little scenery touch up to the mountain and river, and the photo feels more alive in my opinion.
Photo #10: A TBM-930 had just landed at KOAK, with a 737-700 on final behind. The plane was actually Plane-Train-TV and this is one of my favorite photos I have.

So, which one is you’re favorite? Tell me below ⬇️

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Nice! I love it!


Thanks! I appreciate it!

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Photo #7. My absolute favorite out of those 😍

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So glad you enjoy it!