My favorite city in the US. @ KORD 191730ZJAN20

Welcome to my Infinite flight event in Chicago in a Big airport With Terminals and a lot of destinations If you are interested tell me and I will sign you.

I like to visit chicago because there was a beautiful hotel in there I saw good planes I pass a lot of fun when I visit Sears tower.

Server: Expert

Airport: KORD

Time: 2019-01-19T17:30:00Z

NOTAM: Spawn 10-15 minutes before the event.

Terminal 1
Councourse B
Destination Aircraft Airline Callsign Gate User
KPIT CRJ7 United (Sky West) Skywest 5571 B01 Vacant
KDEN A320 United United 734 B02 Vacant
KBOS B738 United United 992 B03 Vacant
KMCO B738 United United 776 B04 Vacant
KSEA B738 United United 635 B05 Vacant
KCVG CRJ2 United (Air Wisconsin) Air Wisconsin 3859 B06 Vacant
KSBN CRJ2 United (Sky West) Sky West 5556 B07 Vacant
KIND B753 United United 2565 B08 Vacant
KSAN A320 United United 395 B09 Vacant
KLAX B738 United United 592 B10 Vacant
KCMH B737 United United 1888 B11 Vacant
KFLL B739 United United 2066 B12 Vacant

I will edit wait.

I will add gates.

Please don’t post the flyout until you have all of the gates

I’m from the future, you shall see the Airbus A350 in about 12 to 14 months time, you will get the CubCrafters XCub in 6 to 7 months and full global HD scenery with Fully animated live cockpits on the Airbus A320 family.

Pretty sure it’s supposed to be 2020


Is that accidentaly I put enter.

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