My favorite aircraft

I love the 737-490 and I would like too talk about it and share a video. I grew up on the 734 and loved it since I was 2 years old! But Alaska is retiring the 734 this year ;-;. But I got a take off video too savor the memories that I had as a child. Please enjoy the video and have sound on ^_^


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737-490 or -400 :p


That’s so cool, imagine I’d we had ya sound on IF!

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That’s nice you have a story to tell about the 734! I bet most people don’t.

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Yes @Kevin , 90 is the customer code for Alaska Airlines. A standard 737-400 order by Alaska Airlines becomes a 737-490.

Google ‘Boeing customer codes’ and you’ll see the complete list.


My favourite aircraft is the CONCORDE

Long distance flights will be more accesible in global if they add this legend ☺


They probably need to tweak the engines though

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The only plane that made long haul flights seem short haul

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It’s most likely they won’t because this is there final year ;-; but yeah it needs some adjustments.

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