My Eyes Have Been Opened!

Glad to have you here in the community Josh! Lots of great people here and we all share the same passion so everybody connects very well. In addition to friendly staff this is the best forum I’ve ever come across and I don’t think it will (or has) take you very long to agree with me!

Looking forward to see you join the IFATC team as well :)


I love this guy!

Yeah feel free to ask the bots on this forum about anything… Some are more useful then others but they all somewhat work

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I do recall we used to de a url to this community each time you starter IF.
I thought that was clever if IF, as it’s quite important that people come here and find out more on flying and controlling.

Did you never see this url?

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@JRRaviation. MaxSez: Thanks for re-posting @Tim_B classic
“Post 2-15”. It’s the best summation of the Forum’s Pits and Pendulums since it’s inception. Wish I had Tim’s talant to call them as he & many of us see them. As I’ve said before “ There are Snakes on this Plane” I wish “they’d” hire St Patrick as a modulator to drive them out… G’Day All


Unfortunately, my mind set of what this area was wasn’t sparking enough to get me interested to check it out. IFC could have had a super bowl commercial and I still probably wouldn’t have investigated it further. :-/

My mind set was that it was a tech support channel. That’s it.



Makes me wonder how many pilots I have referred to help pages actually knew where the help pages were… maybe some are still looking… 😮


Welcome Jshnlsn!

I’m glad you’ve been able to find this amazing community! It is a great place with lots of great people!


Thanks for the feedback :)

What do you think we could have done to spark your interest in the forum sooner?


@Laura <—- kinda like a superstar entered the room.

Honestly, what got me was following your IG account and the IF IG account. The referrals to FNF got me interested enough to want to know more about it. With all the details being hosted on IFC it forced my hand to want to log on.

I think that a different “sell” of the IFC would help. Up to this point everything I’ve seen for the IFC is for help pages/tutorials/assistance. I think moving towards “selling” the community as a family/team/partnership would have gotten my interests much sooner.

Connectedness and being known is important to me, and most everybody else in the world. If I would have known what was happening here sooner, I likely would have checked it out sooner.

Just my thoughts,


VAs are a huge part of my life here at IF and the IFC.
have to be brutally honest and say my interest in the community would be very low if I didn’t have a VA. So I’m glad to hear you joined one :) Welcome to the forums.


Wow that’s crazy I don’t know how you did it I couldn’t last a day without checking out this amazing community. And I wish you a warm welcome here :)

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Thanks! We definitely push it more :)


I’ve been monitoring the IFC for about a year now, I just decided not to join because it seemed boring. In wake of the global update, I decided to join, and it was probably the best decision I could’ve made concerning Infinite Flight. The one thing I don’t like about the community though, is how addicting it is. I’ve spent more time on the community then I have on the app itself, and I’m sure it’s the same ordeal with everyone else on here.

Funny story… I was on the phone with Apple Supprt today, and they were doing a diagnostic on my phone to see if I needed a new battery, and were viewing my phone’s screen. The lady asked me to open up my battery usage page in the settings, and was shocked to see that “Infinite Flight Community” was using 40% of my battery! It was pretty embarrassing to explain what exactly “Infinite Flight Community” was.

I’ve met a lot of new internet friends and learned a lot about aviation in general because of this website. I too, am thankful that I finally decided to join the community. VA’s are probably the most influential part of me staying on here, as I plan to open up one of my own. It’s very fun to see how people manage their VA’s and what types of VA’s people come up with.

I highly doubt that any other company has such an interactive staff team, and I doubt that any other company has a better forum than this one. The developers are very transparent and chose the right people to moderate the forum, because they know when to be serious and when to crack very, very awful jokes. The Infinite Flight Community is just different than any other forum, and I only see it improving from here on out. Long live the forum!


When I read the main post and couple others, I found you to be a really funny and enthusiastic guy @Jshnlsn. Glad you found us and we’re glad we found you! Once you become a Regular here, you’ll enjoy yourself to the most possible extent in the Lounge section of the community It’s too much fun.

We hope you enjoy your stay!



I agree with this 100% . Way to go @MishaCamp 😂👍🏼


Glad to see you join! I’ve seen you posting in various threads and it definitely seems like you are enjoying yourself 😉. I was the same way. I heard about the IFC so much, but never bothered visiting. Then i thought I’d just take a look at it once two months ago and I was hooked!
One of the best things I had done, and one of the best things you have done 👍


Congrats man! Hope you do something good in this community

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@SkyHighGuys I too! Currently working United VA, I believe alongside you. :-)

@Gman I hope to never let it happen again. ;-)

@Laura Good work. It is noticed and apparently successful. ;-)

@Demeter I appreciate the encouragement and words of advice. Consider them heeded.

@Namit thanks for those kind words, I think I’m pretty awesome. ;-) I look forward to the day I get to hop into the lounge. :-)

@AnikaitD it’s true, I have been poking around in a few places, I just couldn’t hold in the excitement any longer. :-). I’m really stoked to be here.

@Ryan_Vidad I hope the same.


Maybe you want to check this and more topics out to familiarize you with this Community. Welcome a’board 🛫


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