My Eyes Have Been Opened!

I have been flying with IF for almost 2 years now, a grade 4, with nearly 175,000XP.

Yet, I never knew/realized what IFC was, so I never bothered with it. I assumed it was some tech support/feature request site that people looked to when they needed something.

Well, was I wrong. How crazy of me to wait so long to join this awesome community, why hadn’t I ever checked into it prior!?

Well here I am, I’m thankful! I look forward to a long relationship with you guys, if I seem a bit eager in my posts/responses/correspondences, know THAT I AM!

I’m unapologetic and know that I have learned so much over the past 2 weeks, that it has revolutionized how I interact with IF.

I mean, I’ve joined a Virtual Airline, who would have thought such elaborate awesomenesses [is that a word] existed.

I’m glad to be here!

Happy Landings!


P.S. If it wasn’t for IF’s instagram, I probably never would have thought to check it out.

P.S.S. - Which as got me into subscriptions with IF Passenger, IF Assistant, Live Flight, Etc.



Welcome to the community, there is a lot to do here, take a look around!
If you have any questions do not hesitate to PM me or any of the other wonderful regulars and moderators you run into here. Thanks!


Well Welcome Aboard! Glad that you are using alot of the 3rd Party Apps aswell… Isnt IF Great??


Thanks, @Kevin_Potthast, I appreciate it. Will do, man!


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I’m new to the community too! Took the words out of my mouth.

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Thanks, @Balloonchaser, I’m glad to be here! Haha, IF is pretty fantastic, I’ve thought that for a while, even before the Global release and my discovery of IFC.

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@Trio, it’s like I saw this initial layer of IFC, and daily I have just peeled back layer and layer of what seems to me to be this really awesome resource. Like truly incredible. #blowaway #incredible #addicted

I know right. And hey, you are American VA as well. Just joined yesterday. AAVA062.

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Actually, I’m United. Still a great VA from what I have seen! UVA034.



Glad you could join in on the fun. Every catergory offers something different (duh). Our moderators strive to make the community what it is today, so be sure to check them out.

Feel free to PM me about anything you might be need the answer to.

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I was the same way. I flew for a while before getting online.

Welcome! Learn, participate, pass your knowledge onto other newcomers, ask questions. It really takes flying both in the sim and reality to a different level. Plus you get to learn about other parts of the world, customs, etc.

#1 - Respect others
#2 - Don’t be one and you wont get called one. (Applies to many)
#3 - Don’t be a troll.

… Now how to get ATC added to that list of yours…


Oh nevermind then lol.

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Well I have too, and VA’s are a big factor as to why I play IF. They feel like your family within a game which is pretty cool, and I don’t regret joining the ones that i joined/ am in.


Oh yeah, and avoid being a 2-15


I felt just the same when I joined! I had seen it advertised for months in Infinite Flight and was so annoyed I didn’t join earlier. Welcome!

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@Jshnlsn… Welcome Aboard Josh, keep in mind “There are snakes on this plane, trust what you read here but verify, Google is your friend”.

Get your self a free copy of “The Pilots Handook of Aeronautical Knowledge” it free on the Web at “”.

As for add on’s I recommend the App “IF Assistant” when you become comfortable. I fly with it every Sortie, it’s my extremly reliable Co-Pilot

Check out the Tutorials for unique IF interpretation of some RW regulations.

Be lookin for ya somewhere outhere.

Regards, Max Sends


Glad you could finally become a part of this community.

I’ve been around for two years to the date and I don’t regret signing up. You’ll have a great time here. There are many diverse interactions that go on so you may learn a thing or two from other users. Be sure to pass on some of your knowledge to others as well.

Enjoy your time here! Welcome aboard. :)


Hmmm… Good words of advise


Thanks, @JRRaviation!

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@xSev, I think you have that spot on! I may be annoying my crew a bit, because like I said I’m a bit excited and just eager to be gaining knowledge along the way. It’s been fun and I’m excited for the future!

Best of luck!


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