My Expert Server Entrance Test, What do you Think [EDIT:CLOSED]?

Closed for now, I will reopen this later

To those who voted, I put in the wrong link, I’ve edited it now

Well I can’t view the survey. It says I need permission…


Oh. I think it was because I created this using my school account and my school doesn’t allow public google docs, so maybe I need to change that

Once I fix a few things, I will reopen this topic.

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Perhaps. That could be locking it down to only letting your people in your school to only view it.

I could not get in either, I need an authorization.

OK i’ve fixed it, it should work now
Turns out that the form was closed
43 questions and 7 sections on the test

Still can’t see


Still can’t access it.


did not work, I still can not access


[quote=“Airbus_737, post:8, topic:288174”]
43 questions and 7 sections on the test
[/quote]. Seems a little excessive for entering the Expert Server ( this is why there is a combination of XP, recent XP/ Landings, total violations and recent violations/ghosting). Who are you thinking should administer the test?

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Can you provide some background on the purpose? How do you plan for this to be used? etc. Some more details other than a link would be helpful.

He tells me that I need permission to enter

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You need to remake the test with a different google account, not your school google account.


Ok to address all your concerns:
@Chris_S thanks for reminding me of an important rule of the IFC.
@David_Lockwood I agree this is too long, but I made this 2 months ago. I will change it.
Everyone stop freaking out about the fact that the test doesn’t work. I will recreate it on a different google account so that it should work. As I said earlier,

Thanks for the feedback though.
I don’t think this topic has worked out the way I intended it to, so for now, a moderator can close this and I will ask them to reopen this once the issues are sorted out.

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