My experience with IF. This game is great

I’m only new, and would love to be introduced to this community. The devs have done such a great job putting this sim together. My expectations were exceeded. I enjoy Infinite Flight Sim, it’s such a cool game, the functionality, how A/P works, the graphics, the plane selection, etc. I love everything the game has to offer, I would like functioning Flight Instruments, and be able to fly via IFR Clearance, but that’s no biggie.

I’m currently using the base $4.99 version, without premium, and are only held to small regions, but, that’s only a minor con, and I’m definitely going to pay for the 1 year membership and perform transatlantic flights, especially in a Pan-Am 747-200.

I’ve never felt so much freedom setting up a long regional flight plan, putting in time on my logbook, and recording my hours. This game reeled my in unlike any other sim I’ve used. Keep up the great work devs, this game has awesome potential.


Welcome and we are glad to hear you love the game!

Take a look at this topic below and enjoy your stay!

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Oof you have a lot to explore my good sir

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Just wait till you get Global and can fly any where you want. It’s truly amazing.


Infinite Flight Pro was the best $104 I’ve spent in my life! Absolutely amazing!


Hey all,
Just wanted to say that I did flag this post as I just believe the staff should know how myself and evidently others feel about this amazing flight sim!
Please reply to me if you shouldn’t flap a post for that reason, this is my first time using the button, sorry!

Look at the “Flagging Section” in :)

Right, thanks and sorry!

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Very glad you are enjoying the game and welcome to the IFC community where you keep up with the latest news.

Thanks for posting :)

That’s great to hear that you are enjoying this simulator @GabrielGaming21. Now, copy all of your first comment of this topic, and then paste it into a review on the App Store 😉😆

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