My experience through cruising

A few hours ago, I started my flight from RJTT using A388 (A380-800) Singapore Airlines. After a couple of minutes while cruising I found this Boeing 777 in my radar which is Singapore Airlines too with the same destination. I copied his/her FPL so we can flew in the same direction, although I’m ahead of him/her for like 20 to 40 minutes. 8 hours through cruising in the middle of pacific ocean, I still can see the aircraft in my radar ( I check my phone every 15 minutes ).

After arriving, I didn’t end the flight yet. I waited for that aircraft to arrive. And then I watched its landing and thinking that maybe he/she noticed me after that long cruise. And then he parked besides me.

I know some of you thinks its normal, but I kinda new again cuz I just renewed my subscription after 7 months. (My third time subscribing monthly). And there is nowhere to post this scenerio.

Also there is a Philippine Airline who is more ahead of us which arrived first at KLAX. I didn’t got the oppurtunity to take a screenshot because he ended the flight after parking.


You can jump into the replay and take some amazing shots with your other bud at KLAX.

To give you some feedback: don’t show the display name of others.


Thank you. Helps alot

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