My experience on the Star Alliance Livery 747-400 [Cockpit Visit!]

Back in Dec 2019, I was lucky to be able to fly on the only Star Alliance liveried 747, and thanks to the friendly cabin crew, I managed to get a shot of the cockpit! Check out the last image.

Unfortunately, it seems that HS-TGW is now out of service.

Flight Details:
Flight: TG671
Date: 23 Dec 2019
Route: New Chitose Airport, Hokkiado to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand
Class: Economy
Departure: 1000hrs
Arrival: 1750hrs
Airline: Thai Airways
Aircraft: Boeing 747-400
Registration: HS-TGW

Ready to board! All checked in.

Boarding time!

The SA livery fits really well on a 747!

Getting ready to takeoff!

V1, rotate! Off into the skies. Meal service began shortly after takeoff.

Cabin shot. apologies for the bad quality

Approaching Bangkok

Landed! I asked if I could enter the cockpit, and the friendly cabin crew allowed me in. It was really a unique experience to be in a 747 cockpit.

Thank you for reading my mini flight report! Hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I did!

Have a great day and stay safe!


Awesome trip report! Always a lucky experience to fly on the 747, especially Thai’s since there’s a good chance the airline’s done with the 747s.

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Wow!!! Super Cool!


Thai is retiring their 747s by 2021/22 if I’m not wrong. Most are already retired!

I think Thai’s last 747 will be retired in 2024, but with Thai’s restructuring process it could be accelerated similar to other airlines.

That’s a really neat experience and one that you will never forget! I remember I got to fly on a 747 from Air New Zealand from SFO to AKL

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Nice! When I took a little spotting break before our flight at CTS, I remember seeing the Thai 747 and thinking:

Why would you use a 747 on this flight?

That looks super fun! There is nothing more exciting than flying on a 747! How was the meal? It looks pretty good

Oh it was great! Loved it.

They served 2 meals actually, but the other one was just a light one.

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I have always wanted to fly on the 747

Great trip report :)

Thanks! Was lucky to be able to fly a 747.

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