My experience on Southwest! KBUR-KMDW trip report!

Hi guys! I hope you all are having a fabulous weekend! Today I attended the KBUR flyout that was hosted but my good friends Generic_Flyer and United403! So I decided to do another Southwest flight so I could do my second ever trip report on Southwest! I hope you all enjoy!

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Hi guys! Today I am finally heading home after doing a bunch of flights on Southwest for fun! So I did a trip report on my journey home! I will also be heading to KOKC to return home and I am just connecting with KMDW cause why not! I hope you all enjoy!

My airplane, Southwest B737!

My seat 2A!


Such stunning views of Northern Los Angeles right after takeoff!

Nice view of the Rocky Mountains!

Chicago is such a big city!

KMDW airport is right around the corner!

Another nice view of downtown Chicago and Lake Michigan!

Buttered it!

Thank you Southwest for a pretty good flight from a beautiful airport to another small airport! I can’t wait to fly Southwest more often and I can’t wait for my flight back to KOKC!

I hope you all have enjoyed and a huge thanks to Generic_Flyer and United403 for hosting this awesome flyout and making this trip report possible! And FYI the KLAX-KDFW trip report has been delayed a few days so don’t expect to see it until at least Monday, I still need to do the actual flight! Have a great rest of your night everyone!


Another great trip report

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Thank you so much!

Fantastic trip report! Hope the snacks were tasty 🍪

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I really appreciate it!

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Of course! 👍

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Wow! Already 9 likes! Thank you so much guys!

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Thanks so much for attending my event @AmericanB772 ! Glad you flew safely :D

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Thank you so much for hosting! I had a great time! I love KBUR airport!

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No problem! Tell me, was there a lot of people? Or was it at least only 3 - 5

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I think there was a total of 6 people there

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Great! I consider my event a great one then! I thank you for the feedback!

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Hey, nice pics and a great trip report! I’ve flown this route a couple of times and I think it’s quite a fun one! With cute little airports on both ends, with some short runways and some great departures/approaches, it’s quite exciting. Anyways, glad you enjoyed your flight, looking forward to more!

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Nice pictures man! I hope you LUV your flight back to KOKC! ;)


Thank you both! I really appreciate it!

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