My experience flying at ERAUs Aviation Exploration summer camp!

A young boy was born 13 years ago and proclaimed that he would one day touch the clouds and soar like a bird to join all the other brave men and woman who risks their lives doing what they loved…flying. That little boy was me. Now I wanted to start this off in that way because why not. Now for the real thing, my experience on my first ever flight so let me start of with a huge hello! I highly recommend that you read my previous post just so you understand what summer camp I’m talking about. I chose this camp because of the flying. Who wouldn’t want to fly a plane! The camp mainly focused on that and they were quite strict when it came to flying. Here is what a typical flying day looked like for me. I woke up at 5:00 am every day and I HAD to wear long pants as they wouldn’t allow short pants. I went on to the flight line to let up with my instructor and he showed us how he made all the calculations and interpreted the weather. We then left towards the ramp to go flying! We would do the walk around and etc. Our instructor did the first takeoff and landing BUT there is something more to that. “Basically I’m going to let you fly once we reach cruising altitude” those were the words of my FI as I looked at him in excitement and fear. He then told me “you have flight controls” as I responded back to him. I took control of than wonderful plane and realized I was flying! It was a magical moment that I would never forget. We practiced turns, descending turns, ascending turns, stalls, slow flight, level flight etc. My flight instructor landed the plane and taxied our towards the runway once more. He then told me “your turn to takeoff” I had the same reaction as earlier. I accelerated that plane and felt the true power of an airplane as I lifted of the ground in an elegant but fearful manner. We then swapped out and took a bathroom break at the FBO. We flew again in the afternoon and then I had my dirt landing which I must admit was quite stiff but hey I’m just starting to fly. A couple days passed and we flew again…expect for that one day. Long story short my partner was kind of air sick so I always flew first and I told him to fly first for a change in schedule. We did our typical thing and landed at the airport to swap out until we noticed something bad…a bit too bad. image We saw this terrible storm coming right at us and we were unable to fly as the company issued a warning to all other aircraft to divert towards the nearest airport. I was unable to fly and a bus came to pick us up and bring us back to the campus. The university arranged some flights for us the day after for the people that couldn’t get their flight hours. We had to go with a different instructor because or normal FIs had coloretes their hours for the day. We picked our planes up at the airport we left them and flew them for a long time. I unintentionally flew my fierce cross country, something that no one in he camp had done. We went up to 6,000ft and almost touched the clouds. We flew all around he Floridian coastline and the Everglades.

Simulation: ERAU had some incredible simulators and they had a sort of chamber used for flight simulation that legit looked liked something out of a Star Wars movie! imageThe sims were real Cessna 172s cut in half. We went through all kinds of scenarios. Electronic failure, Engine failure, Engine failure at flight level 300, Crosswinds etc. We also did a flight from KEWR to KJFK. My FIs name was Garrett and he was the coolest guy you could ever meet. He was actually going out with Endevour Air in a couple of months. The flight simulation chamber also has a CRJ-200 full motion flight simulator which was reserved for aeronautical science students.image The FIs showed understanding and professionalism in their job (just as all other flight instructors do regardless of where they work).

Overall experience: These people made my dream come true and I will surely come back for another camp. I had the time of my life and anyone that comes will also have it. Thank you Embry Riddle for making my dream come true!

As always feel free to ask any questions!

Here are some photos from my journey in the sky! imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage


I was looking into doing this camp! Sounds like a lot of fun, however what was the living situation like?

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I would suggest looking at my other post for that as it provides more detail but here’s an overview. We had dorms in which two people shared as well as a bathroom which could hold 8 people. Each room has a microwave, fridge, desk, lockers and closet. You had a thermostat as well.

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