My Experience at the Selfridge Air National Guard Show 100th Anniversary

I had the opportunity to go to the Selfridge ANG Show and wanted to show my photos and experience I had about the show. I got their an hour after the gates opened so right in time for the static displays

A-10 Thunderbolt II

F-22 Raptor

I forget exactly but i believe it is a Mig 15

I remember what this is (I’m also no the best with military aviation) but if you know i would love to find out

C-17 (Back) and V-22 Osprey (Front)

A-10 Thunderbolt II in the 100 years livery

This is a picture of the engine of the B-17 They had on Static. I quickly realized it was the same B-17 from my previous topic
looking up into the bomb bay of the B-17

The B-25 the museum operates

B-17 interior, for a small fee the people allow you to climb in the bomber at the front and walk through

Cockpit of the B-17

Looking out the top turret

looking out where the top window would have been

A US Coast Guard Dolphin

me and my dad were finding a seat but we got a little sidetracked and during that time the national anthem was played with this parachuter flying the flag

It started off with this biplane doing some stunts

Soon after it got into the WW1 era with this Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter

A Fokker Dr.I

It soon got into the WW2 era with the B-25 Mitchell followed by the Yankee Lady which is the B-17

A P-39


Some Tuskegee airmen P-51s

several shots of individual T-28s

all the T-28s flying in formation

3 of the 6 T-28s flying in formation

They soon moved on from the WW2 era after some impressive stunts from the T-28s to the jet age where they started off with the T-33 which i just love the look of

More of the T-33

They took a quick break and had a Super Decathlon do some stunts

An F-86 which is also a plane i like the look of alot

I don’t know what this is

an f-100

A Mig-17 with the afterburner going

A KC-135 and 4 A-10s

They had pyrotechnics to simulate the A-10s massive cannon when it did a pass over, While they had pyrotechnics for other planes this one was much cooler in my opinion.

Another dolphin. The reason they had a Dolphin out was because they were doing a simulating a pilot had to eject and they were saving him. So it started with a parachuter landing then the A-10s doing strafing runs then the helicopter rescuing him.
The KC-135 on its own
After the A-10 demonstration they did an F-18 demo which was pretty cool to see in person what it could do
Taking a break from military aircraft they did a quite funny skit as they landed this plane onto a pickup truck

The F-35 made an appearance but personally I thought that the F-18 did better maneuvers

Finally the highlight of the show came and that was the Thunderbirds flying their F-16s. Unfortuantly the battery died on my camera early on in the thunderbirds demo so any thunderbird photos from here on out were taken on an iPhone 6

All 6 of them flying and all of them splitting in different directions

Here they are making heart to commemorate something but I forgot what that was for

Them in their signature diamond formation

Overall I had a great time watching the different aircraft and I would highly recommend that you go to this show if you get the opportunity. The camera I was using was a Nikon D60 with a 18-55 mm lense so for my first time actually using a non iPhone camera for spotting and not having the best lens for spotting I think I did pretty good on a few of the shots.


Really cool, I love military aviation!


I personally loved the older stuff they had

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Gotta love the B-25! Beutiful plane!!

You caught some beautiful birds there ;)

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Great shots!! Man I love our country’s air fleet.

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It was an impressive air show but something I was surprised about was the fact that not as many people were their as I expected

Nice Pictures! I loved the AirShow this Year! It’s great to see you posted the pictures that I wasn’t able to share :) Thanks for Sharing!

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