My Experience at AirExpo 2018 AT HIghwycombe Airpark! Vote Is CLOSED (Answer is now revealed to those who have voted)

My Experience at AirExpo 2018 AT HIghwycombe Airpark:

I have had a great experience at the airshow today so I wonder I would share some pictures that I have taken there. This was a great time as I just recently ( this Friday) finished my GCSE examinations. The location was HIghwycombe Airpark ( in North London). I will never forget today’s experiences. It just makes me appreciate GA even more by visiting events like this!

Here are some of the photos of the event:

I wonder what you think of them?

Also I would like to pose the following question to you, the community, what do you think the price of the plane that is shown below??

    • £ 1 Million
    • £ 1.2 Million
    • £ 2 Million
    • £ 2.2 Million
    • £ 3 Million
    • £ 3.3 Million

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I really love the pics! Not a fan of GA aircrafts but they look really dope above

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@Narruto_Mieumieu Thanks! I am really glad that you like the pics. Are you a GA pilot yourself?

I wish i was even a pilot, I dont have the money to become so. But Im glad you Will be trained to be one!

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Thanks, I wish you had the money to become one, as you deserve to become one. I would recommend finding a scholarship.

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Thanks for the comment/advice!

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That last photo is the only reveal if you want to know the aircraft type

Diamond DA62

Cough Cirrus Aircraft is the Cough best GA Cough Company of all timeeeee COUGHHH!

I do like the Cirrus Aircraft.

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That is so untrue!! Lol


The voting will close tonight at 2200Z!

Make sure you vote. 😀

Right?! Haha has this man never been exposed to general aviation or was he paid by Cirrus to say that

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@cleipelt He might be persuaded by Cirrus. You just never know. 😂😂

I don’t get paid by Cirrus to say anything, I fly them.

What is it like to fly the Cirrus Aircraft? I have never flown in one but would like to someday.

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Very easy, no trouble whatsoever, I have to say the best GA Aircraft built! LOVE IT!!

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I really see your passion in The Cirrus. 😀

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Voting will close in a couple of hours. So I would like to see your opinion on the price! Don’t vote more than once. 😊

The answer that you all want to know is that: The answer is 1.2 million pounds!!!

Well done for the ones who voted once and got it correct. 😊

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