My experience as a 1 month IF pilot

Hello everyone,
First of all thank you all for coming. I started to play IF solo in 2016 but only solo. I recently bought the IF pro subscription and really loved my 1 month experience on the simulator. I have flown many flights and have more than 100 landings and also did many long haul flights as well like sydney to dubai, singapore to london, San Fransisco to London, Paris to Dubai etc. I first landed only on a/p as was confused how to manage heading and speed with the v/s. But now i have done many manual landings and I am very comfortable in doing so. Thank You Infinite Flight for helping me live my passion and would surely play this game with all heart and love. Also i have seen no trolling on the IF community. Kudos to everyone for behaving so professionally on the community. Thanks for everything. Keep Flying.


Nice to hear that you like the pro subscription so much

Wonderful to hear! Enjoy it!

Good to hear!

It’s nice to hear those kind words! It is great to see that you are enjoying yourself in the IF Multiplayer servers. I will admit, it did take me a while to get used to the online servers, but once I did, I had a great time. I’m sure you will too. Thank you for the kind words!

Great to hear, glad to see IF pro has treated you well, just as it did for me a year (and a few months ago). Hope to see you in the IF skies in the future months!

Hope you enjoyed the subscription, and hope to see you staying on the servers! The servers, global and aircraft definitely add a whole new level to the game. I haven’t looked back since I brought the subscription in February 2019, after playing since 2014.

That reminds me my subscription runs out tomorrow 😂

mine is running out on 5th lol.

thank you all for coming.

Glad to see that you like IF !

thank you @GPilot118

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Welcome mate !

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