My Expericence with IF

Hey there :)
I have been using this simulator now for about 1 month and I just love it but I have an issue not related to the developers or the game, I will explain you:
The thing is that i have been flying online more that 35 hours but still, still! Im not able to do every single time a perfect landing. I mean i land the plane but I go high or its not in the center or the aproach is irregular… They are not bad landings they are just not as real as I would like to, they are not perfect And it makes me crazy. I usually do a good landing and just with that it makes my day. But when I go very hard it’s frustrating. I mean I remember when I started i wasn’t able even to take off and I know I should give it more time thing I’m going definetely to do but i want to know of all this players that had more than 300000 hours or more and when you look at them in advance is just like being in an airport. I want to know when you start feeling that the landings start getting perfect.
And because is a month i want to thank the developers and the players that have help me starting especially @laurens.

I hope I’m here lot of time because this community is awesome.

Thanks for reading.



Bienvenido Guzman,

Check out the following topic this could help

Also #tutorials is full of great information.

Good luck!

It took me more than a year to develop skills, specially on landings. Take your time and practice, practice, practice. Do not give up.


I’m not actually a real pilot but IF makes me feel like it .Just practice spend more time and youll slowly master the art @Capt.Ortiz definitely right

Fly the Cessna 172. Master it. Then try out the Super D. When you master these, you’ll be able to master the airliners much easier.

It can get very frustrating, but you’ll get it eventually.


This is it!

I have been playing IF for over 4 years now. It takes time to master aircraft. I’ve had very smooth landings with the 777W, but that took many months. Try not to use Autoland, and work on smaller aircraft before moving up to the large airliners.

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And the Spitfire.

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