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The aircraft is a B757-200 that once was a passenger aircraft when the current owner as you can see bought the aircraft and was converted to a cargo jet. All of the 757’s owned by the carrier are previous passenger aircraft converted to freighter. This was very economical to do verses buying new aircraft from the manufacture. This aircraft replaced the B727-200 that is now retired from their inventory.

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My first hands on with aircraft was my 20 years in the USAF where I worked A-10s and OA-37, and F-16s. I acquired my bachelor’s degree in aviation with Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and acquired my Airframe / Power Plant FAA Certificate. I worked for US Airways, and now work for a Aircraft Repair Station as A Quality Control Inspector. I have certifications on 757, 767, 737, MD80/90, and B717 allowing me to inspect various aircraft for the customers we perform heavy maintenance with. All I lack is the pilot license to fly, but IF is means I can do that and to interact will all your aviation enthisest like myself

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I like to fly on Tue / Thu around 1700 EST 2100Z if you would like to fly along. I’m with a local Virtual Airlines group but enjoy flying with anyone who as a passion to fly along.

“Replaced” being a loose term as nothing will ever replace the 727s… even if they did have hush kits :(

Just finished my a&p, you’ve pretty much got my dream job, maybe in 10 to 20 years I’ll be where your at! Love this post!

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