My everyday job I love

Florida am departure for 757-200 freighter I’m getting ready and launched out. What a job!


Where headed? Memphis?

Lovely! Enjoy your flyings 🛫

It must be fun to fly for an Airline (Especially FedEx)


Nice pictures! Love that sunrise! 🌅

The man in the first picture, is he the POC or F/O or just a mechanic? I usually thought that they wore stars and bars even though they were a cargo airline.

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He is avionics setting up and checking out GPS.


I need to clarify that I’m Quality Control Inspector and I’m getting the aircraft ready for departure for flight crew.


Awesome! It must be a hard work as you have to inspect many things in the flight deck. Wish you luck and enjoy your friday! 😊

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Ahh, it looked like he was filing the flight plan in the FMC.

Actually, your spot on. He was doing that, good observation.


Nice! Hope you enjoyed flight!

I love this. We need more of these types of detailed personal threads. You are lucky to get to work so close to jets.


I agree, but more detail is required!

Your job sounds fascinating, maybe share a bit of background, what your job involves or a couple of stories.

Excited to hear more!

Today I’m at work and the aircraft I’m assigned to just completed a heavy maintenance check and the crew is on board doing ground checks then they go up for 2 hours for test flight.


That is one beautiful aircraft!

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Today is test flight day, where the test crew will perform a thorough ground check of all systems and later in the afternoon will go up for a 2 hour flight test. Any findings on the check will be addressed and work during and after debrief. Normally the aircraft will be scheduled for revenue the next day with a replacement aircraft ready for it’s maintenance check.

Aircraftnready for ground checks

Sorry for misspell

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That is beautiful. How old is that jet? It’s is either very new or you are very good at your job. Or both ;)

These pictures are magnificent. You’re so lucky to work around aircraft, especially as they’re your passion.