My European/African/East US Tour (Canceled)

Hello forum peeps,

So recently as I was landing in Denver under the F9 A320 I realized how little I spend outside of the US. It shocked me to be honest and got me thinking. I decided to fly Iclendair’s B752 KDEN - BIKF for the fun of it and to take a break from the US. A dream was born shortly after.

I decided to commit to this European/African/East US Tour in which I depart from the airport I landed at. The airline and aircraft do not have to be the same but the airport needs to be the same as the one I landed at. It led to a few days of checking up on FR24 and setting my “MyFlightradar24” to keep track of all my flights. There is no date assigned to each route, I just fly them when I have the chance.

I thought I’d share this with you in case anyone wants to join me or to spot me via LiveFlight etc. I’ll mention in a special section below “Where I Am”. This will be the longest series of flights I’ve ever done and the most time spent outside the US in global. Previously, I’d done 3 international flights out of the US since October of last year. It’s time to change that.

My 2018 Part 1 European/African/East US Tour Itinerary

Denver (KDEN) - Keflavik (BIKF) = Iclendair Boeing B757-200 [IceAir 670]

Keflavik (BIKF) - Edinburgh (EGPH) = EasyJet Airbus A320 [Easy 6942]

Edinburgh (EGPH) - Dublin (EIDW) = Ryanair Boeing B737 [Ryanair 813]

Dublin (EIDW) - London (EGLC) = British Airways E190 [Flyer 4461]

London (EGLC) - Luxembourg (ELLX)) = Luxair Dash 8 Q-400 [Luxair 4592]

Luxembourg (ELLX) - Porto Francisco (LPPR) = TAP Portugal A320 [Air Portugal 687]

Porto Francisco (LPPR) - Amsterdam Schipol (EHAM) = Transavia B738 [Transavia 6002]

Amsterdam Schiphol (EHAM) - Rome (LIRF) = Vueling A320 [Vueling 6295]

Rome (LIRF) - Jeddah (OEJN) = Saudia Arabia Airlines A319-100 [Saudia 202]

Jedda (OEJN) - Johannesburg (FAOR) = Saudia Arabia Airlines B787-9 [Saudia 947]

Johannesburg (FAOR) - Bloemfontein (FABL) = SA Express Dash 8 [Expressways 1003]

Bloemfontein (FABL) - Cape Town (FACT) = SA Express Dash 8 [Expressways 1052]

Cape Town (FACT) - Dubai (OMDB) = Emirates B777-200LR [Emirates 773]

Dubai (OMDB) - Beijing (ZBAA) = Air China A333 [Air China 942]

Beijing (ZBAA) - Tokyo (RJAA) = Pakistan International Airlines B777-200LR [Pakistan 852]

Tokyo (RJAA) - Zurich (LSZH) = Swiss A330-313 [Swiss 161]

Zurich (LSZH) Berlin (EDDT) = EasyJet A319 [Easy 5860]

Berlin (EDDT) - Frankfurt (EDDF) = Lufthansa Airlines A320 [Lufthansa 45]

Frankfurt (EDDF) - New York (KJFK) = Singapore Airlines A388 [Singapore 26]

New York (KJFK) - Boston (KBOS) = Delta Airlines B763 [Delta 9935]

Boston (KBOS) - Baltimore (KBWI) = Southwest Airlines B737 [Southwest 1709]

Baltimore (KBWI) - New Orleans (KMSY) = Spirit Airlines A320 [Spirit Wings 935]

New Orleans (KMSY) - Denver (KDEN) = Frontier Airlines A321 [Frontier Flight 481)

Where Am I Now?

I am currently on the ground in Cape Town getting documents and information ready for departure to Dubai!

How can you join?

This is NOT an event series. This is simply a place where I keep all my information and post when I’m flying to the next leg. If you’d like to join, don’t ask about gates or anything, just spawn in in whatever you want and feel free to follow me as I tour a part of the world I so badly neglect.


404 plane/type not found


I have checked and the following aircraft have been replaced to:

Swiss Airlines A330 and Pakistan Airlines B77-200LR


When you are using the e190 for british airways its actually operating for a subsidary called ba cityflyer which uses call sign flyer otherwise seems really fun i hope to do a flight with you at somepoint in the series

Thank you for your feedback :) I’ll fix that now ;)

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:)hopefully ill be able to join you for beijing to zurich

What server is this on?

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I look forward to seeing you in the skies :) maybe we’ll be lucky and hit IFATC at least once on this tour.

It will be in expert server to ensure maximum professionalism


Yeah that would be awesome :) happy flying!

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The Swiss A340 exists

It does but apparently not in Infinite Flight. I fixed it to one number down ;)

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Thank you man! See you in the skies. Look out for “FVC InfiniteFlight”

Cool my display name is zachiebm AGS19 also i love the realism in this tour i forgot to mention but i realised you have accurate flight numbers anyway i need to go to sleep but hopefully see you round safe flying!

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I’m basing this tour on maximum realism. I’ll even be using so I have some cool realism when I’m landing and departing. I’m really excited for this :)

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Why not cross the Pacific? Plenty of great Islands in the South Pacific for island hopping over to the US.

Funny you mention that ;) that’s Part 2 of 2 of my tour. South America and Australia and Hawaii are getting attention in the second tour. I’m cutting in half so it is more manageable for me lol

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Oooh, I can join you for Part 2 if you stop by KSJC and if I am available

I do plan on getting the West US in my Tour Part 2 and the west coast will be greatly featured. So the odds of me stopping by SJC are quite high ;) I invite you to keep that in mind and join if you’re still interested by then.
This tour might take a few weeks or a few months depending on how active I am in flying it.

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Don’t worry. I am currently tracking this thread right now, so I’ll know your status. I am also pretty active on IFC, so I’ll keep a look out for part 2.

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