My Emirates Trip!

I flew from JFK to DXB on flight EK 202. It was an awesome experience for the 2nd time on Emirates: Here is a pic:

UPDATED** 13/07/16 Here are more pics from the flight:

Here is the plane at JFK before I started boarding;



Did you fly on the lower deck or the upper deck?

Looks like lower to me.

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Lower, first class is too expensive!

Haha! I heard that the first class tickets can cost up to thousands!

That’s what first class costs on normal airlines. On Emirates its at least 10k

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Yeah I know it can cost thousands on other airlines, but for Emirates, it gets to insane amounts!

I’m gonna to fly with Emirates in 20 days ✨✨✨👌👌👌

It will be my 7th time with Emirates ;-)

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Nice one! How’s long is that? 12.5 hours? Flying with them from BHX → MAA in August, lucky enough to say that we’ll be going one way economy and then the return in business. ❤️ Cost about 2100 GBP for 2 people…always found them to be the cheapest most of the time

OMG! Glad picture is just amazing wow! Just breath taking I really love so much pictures like those. I could look at them all day. No joke

About 12 hrs!

Wow I would not be unhappy if I had to look at that for 12 hours 😍

I slept for half of it!

Fair enough…the seats do appear to be good to get a bit of kip in as well

Check out more pictures I just uploaded!

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Awesome photos ! would love one day sitting in an A380 😍

Great pictures, thanks for sharing.

You son of rich

Try $35000