My EL AL 787 Flight

Hello IFC Community,Tomorrow i will be flying EL AL Israel On their 787-9 From Las Vegas to Tel Aviv and i was wondering if any of you have flown on EL AL Israel and if so was the experience good?

Well I haven’t been on the El Al 787, but I have been on a 787 before. The ride is very smooth and the windows are huge, great for looking outside and pics/videos. It’s pretty quiet in my opinion compared to other long haul aircraft.

I personally haven’t flown El Al but I know several people who have and they all thought it was a present flight and was better than other carriers like United who fly to Tel Aviv.

Ive flown united to tel aviv and it was amazing so…lets see

Yes I have🙋🏾‍♂️ On the old config 777-200ER It wasn’t terrible but it was amazing it was mediocre. 15 hours

I just flew out of Vegas on June 15 and I saw the El Al 787 at a stand! It looked way cool on the outside :)

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