My Editing Skills go brrrrrrrttttt

Hello IFC, Hopefully your day is going well. For the past 2-3 Months I have been editing a lot of photos and I decided to share them because why not lol

Route: none
Aircraft: Many

Which one do you like??
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Let Me know what you think and I will see you guys Later!

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@CaptainAli_yt Don’t make it hard to pick man… It’s all really great

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🤣😂 I’m sorry, its just how I edit lmao. Thanks !

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Can you make me a thumbnail for my video auckland 787-900

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Where’s the all of the above? Great shots!


Thank You I appreciate it!! I should add that in, Give me a sec lol

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Im gonna send you a Dm soon

Actually nvm I can’t do that because then everyone votes will be gone but I would’ve added it though.

Amazing shots! I love #6, great angle!

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Thank you, I appreciate it!

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sees the Alaska Airlines 737

likes ;)
Great photos! I love them, they look soo good.


Thank You I appreciate them, seems as if I am progressing lil by lil on editing

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Incredible shots!

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Thank you, very much appreciated :D

I feel like there’s too much color and saturation. I like to actually grayscale my images a little bit, it makes them look more realistic.


hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I swear I have seen this in a Screenshot competition somewhere lol

I love this one though


Some are really really good, but some seem to oversaturated to me. But overall outstanding pictures!

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This is my favourite wooow

But take off on 18R smh… 😰

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Makin me want to flyyy!🔥👍🏼 Awesome shots

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Thanks I appreciate it @MADCAT

It’s the only way I could’ve got a tower shot like that because of the positioning. Plus it was solo by thanks lol

Understandable, Thank you though

Understandable, thanks for the tip of advice I’ll try taking it in next time,

Yes you have