My Early Morning Flight!!

Today I had a very early morning flight! I got some picture!! Want to see them??

Flight Details…

Aircraft - 737-8H4
Airline - Southwest Airlines
Date - April 22, 2023
Route - Philadelphia (PHL) - Orlando (MCO)
Note - Flight was at 5:35AM!!



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I hope you enjoyed!!

here we have a banana taking off or taxiing idk


Banana taxiing to 18R.

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That’s rough for the pilots. They’d have to get up at about 1 or 2 AM for that departure time

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Nice shots! I agree with @Captain_Emergency. I want to be a pilot when I get older, and those early morning flights will be rough. Coffee is your friend.


Yep! I have the same aspiration to fly in the future, and yes, caffeine is definitely our saviour haha

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I see lots of pilots at airport terminal Starbucks shops!

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Of course, gotta stock up on coffee before a long day of flying 😂😂

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Here in Minnesota, lots of passengers and crews are loyal to Caribou, which is based here.

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12AM alarm for me 😖

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Rip 😭😭
I’ve never had to wake up that early for a flight, earliest for me is 3AM to fly to Heraklion haha

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Thanks for all the likess!!

If you want to see more photos, let me know!!

depends on where they live and other factors

SWA policy is pilots have to be at the airport 1 hour prior to departure time. Factor in a drive and getting up and getting ready as well.

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True. For where I live, they must arrive about 30 mins (minimum) before their time to start up the aircraft.

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