My drawing of Air Force One!


My first aircraft drawing! It could be a bit longer but I’m happy!


This can go under suggest any aircraft and I’ll draw :) let me find it quick


Thanks! I appreciate


(Remade) Suggest any Aircraft, We'll draw it! Here you are :) nice drawing!


It’s great for your first! Do you plan to draw others?


Looks great! Keep up the good work.


@PlaneCrazy Yes, maybe! I just started with that since you know what’s going on now…


Looks nice iam really bad on drawing yours Looks amazing.


You guys don’t know the aircraft itself isn’t “Airforcr One”


Nice shading, it’s hard for me to get that part right.


Very nice drawing you got Mack. Keep it up.


I could’ve sworn you were wearing a sombrero.


I took it off.


Oh. Alright.


i know, buts its easier to call it that!


@Bulba you took off your mustache too?

Back on topic. Nice drawing btw @Alex_Kellagher :)


Thanks so much everyone, I will be doing more!


Looks good

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