My doubts about the approach

hello guys,

lately I have been trying to control the approach, and I have two questions for you experts (I tried to check here in the forum but I have not found anything about it):

1- A plane after take-off comes into my frequency asking me for an approach into my own airport, I don’t know if it is right to return it to tower frequency, or to give it vectors myself. what is the procedure in these cases?

it is not easy to manage arriving planes and in the meantime manage planes that do pattern work in a busy airport

2- can the controller not give radar vectors? for example, there is only one plane arriving and the airspace is empty, can I say to him “do as you want”(😂)? Or he always have to send RV?

thank you and be gentle

BTW it’s my first topic, I’m excited 😂 i hope I haven’t made any mistakes!

  1. You can let him fly a radar pattern. You basically vector him through the pattern. If you can‘t handle it, deny the pilot.
  2. It depends on what the pilot requests. If he wants to fly the approach by himself, let him do that. If he wants vectors, give him vectors.

Roger that!

1- so basicaly the Controller in the tower can decide at his discretion If the plane do pattern work tune into tower or tune into approach?

2- so a plane that is coming don’t have necessary to request approach/rv/ff?

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  1. Usually patterns stay with tower. However, many people (especially on TS) don‘t know that and tune into approach.

  2. They either check in or request FF to your airport then, if you want, you can let them fly their approach or they request vectors, ILS or VIS and you give them vectors.


If the pilot is doing patterns there is really no reason to give vectors. Tower should be giving them a sequence and who they are following in an ideal world.

However, in busy air spaces approach can route the plane in the pattern so they fit in with the existing pattern. On the Expert server, IFATC communicate ahead of time and decide if patterns will be accepted and who is going to take it. If the air space is that crowded pattern would most likely not be allowed to begin with.


all clear now! thanks guys you are the most efficient 💪🏻🙏🏻

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