My Discovery

It’s been a bit since I have been on this forum. I would like to share something I found today. I believe it’s a part of aviation history. I was able to find a old Air Force C-131 flight manual from the 50’s. I was able to find this in mint condition. Somehow not soaking wet or torn up. It is a full flight manual. Now, this book was from Lackland Air Force Base. It was taken great care of. I am proud to have this book in my possession. Me and my father’s goal is to preserve this part of our history. Now, tomorrow I will share a few pictures, but’s it’s 12: 01 PM so I can’t right now. I just wanted to share what I came across today.


(The pictures will be on Real World Aviation)

Hey, this sounds absolutely amazing, and I am definitely looking forward to seeing your topic. However, I don’t think you really need to make a topic previewing your topic :D

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