My Discovery Flight


Yesterday, I went on a discovery flight, which was a Christmas present from my parents. It was my first time in the cockpit of a plane! The weather was perfect. No clouds, and no wind.

I went in up in a C172, at Manassas Regional Airport.

We went through preflight, start-up, I got to do all of the taxi, and my CFI helped me with takeoff. We then flew south, away from the Dulles Bravo, towards Warrenton, VA. I got to do all of the flying, except for landing (I would’ve broken the runway). It was probably one of the best experiences of my life, and now I’m going to start training for my PPL! I’m really excited to be taking this step towards becoming a pilot!

I’ve included some photos from the flight, because I felt like sharing this important event in my life!

Aircraft Details:
Registration: N48JA
Age: 46 Years
Instruments: Analog & Digital


The tArMaC

Walk around

Examining the cockpit (I but a big white circle over the CFI’s face, because of privacy lol)

The Skyhawk cold and not so dark

During the run up, an ERJ-135 took off

A US Army RO-6A took off as well.

Volando near Culpeper Airport KCJR

Sadly no death grip 😔

Our route

Well, thats all that I’m gonna include. I hope you find the photos interesting, and if you have any tips for flight school, PLEASE, PUT THEM DOWN BELOW im begging you


Nice job homie, next step enter severe debt, come join the club


Great work! I got some good tips here


Noted, thanks 😉

@Jack_Q, thanks for the info!


American Aviation & Helicopters?

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Those are some amazing photos you took!

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Good job @Aviation108

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@Frontier_18_YT @zion89

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Good job!!

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So lucky that you can onboard a GA aircraft!!

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Wow! This looks like it was an amazing flight! Awesome photos as well!


Thanks! I enjoyed it a lot!

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A discovery flight is something you will never forget!

Best of luck with ur training! PM me with any questions you may have im sure I can help! :)

- Blake


That’s an old 172, I hope it’s retrofitted.

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Thanks a lot! I’m sure I’ll enjoy it. Gotta go, moms yelling at me to eat dinner lol

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Very nice! Are you guys already allowed to fly a motorplane here in Germany were just allowed to fly gliders.

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Don’t worry, its up to date 😉

No, ive still got a bit left to go till i can solo a plane but i can solo a glider! Though I’m not learning to fly one :P

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