My Discovery Flight

So I did my Discovery Flight today and I am so excited, I haven’t felt so free it is amazing, here are some pictures. I took a little because I mostly took vids.
C172, out of KMPO


Amazing! I remember mine one of my favorite moments I’ve had in aviation. Hope you enjoyed it and good luck on getting your PPL.

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Thank you my man

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Amazing! Just imagine your first solo. 🤩

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Well I gotta wait 2 years

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Way to go! Looks like you’re not one of those death grippers on the yoke. 3 fingers is really all it takes and always be sure to use that trim!

Keep in mind that while you may not be able to solo or obtain your PPL now, all dual training can be credited to meet the requirements when you choose to pursue your license. There’s truly no rush though. Enjoy it while you can!


Yep only griped when it started to get turbulent so I had to do some professional work

You’ll get used it. Light chop is pretty common in small aircraft like these.

Sometimes it makes for a fun ride; others, well, not so much.

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