My discovery flight

Some of you may know that I took my discovery flight a while back. Truly inspirational and awesome to do… My mom had schedule the flight at TYS and that was also a very cool part about it since TYS has atc and this flight was the first of mine to involve atc… Here are my pictures and I got to log my first hour which was truly amazing to do so…

Truly fun and inspirational flight if you have the chance I suggest taking one i had a blast.


Hope you had a good time, Zach.

N7665X looks like an old bird, after a quick google, it was issued its Airworthiness Certificate in 1960! Bet there’s not many 172’s like that around, especially here in the U.K, very lucky to train in that Airplane, bet she’s a dream to fly!

Best of luck with ther rest of your training!

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Very interesting to know it’s back story, we call it sky hawk 667, it is a Cessna Model B and it really is a beauty to fly.

I really like the Mustard colour to it. We don’t really see old Cessnas about in the UK, and it they are, they generally have no character to them, apart from a collection of dust, however 7665X looks pretty fancy.

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The mustard color has earned it the nickname Tweedy Bird from Looney tunes


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